Tap into the pulse of Kansas City’s art scene to ignite your own creative spark! Join Yetunde Felix-Ukwu, our Artistic Associate, as she engages with the artists who are shaping Kansas City and beyond to discover what gets their creative impulses firing. ArtSpark is a digital studio that offers collaboration with artists from diverse mediums to explore and inspire artistic expression.

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Artist Kathy Liao (Episode 5)

Meet artist Kathy Liao. You’ll learn about the various media she uses (everything from paint to ceramics), what motivates her to create, and how the immigrant experience influences her work.

Local Muralists (Episode 4)

Get to know the local muralists making KC beautiful! You’ll meet featured guest Jose Faus and special guests Alisha Gambino, Vania Soto, and Hector Casanova.

Dancer Lonnie McFadden (Episode 2)

Each episode of ArtSpark highlights local artists doing incredible things in Kansas City and beyond! In this episode, Yetunde talks tap with jazz musician band leader, songwriter, and dancer Lonnie McFadden.

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