Even through these difficult and unprecedented times, KCRep is committed to being the heart of a great theatre town. Below you will find links to content and resources that we hope will uplift, aid or inspire you. For the latest news and updates related to COVID-19—as well as a peek behind-the-scenes at KCRep—be sure to follow us on all of our social media channels: our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages, as well as our Email Club.

KCRep is taking a variety of precautions to protect our staff, artists and patrons from COVID-19. When shows resume, we will have rigorous cleaning, social distancing, and other precautionary measures in place with your safety in mind. For ticketholders: based on the current local and national guidelines regarding social distancing due to COVID-19 on the date of your performance, we reserve the right to move your seats in consideration for your health and safety. If your seats must be moved to create space between you and other patrons, we will notify you in advance, and will do our best to maintain the general area and zone. If your seats are moved into a zone of a lesser price, we will reimburse you for the difference. If you are moved into higher priced seats, there will be no additional cost to you. Other health and safety precautions may be optional or required during your visit to KCRep based on current local and national guidelines, which would be communicated in advance whenever possible.