Survey Results: A Christmas Carol 2022


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“How did you hear about this show?” – Other answers:

  • Attend Yearly
  • website of KC activities
  • Looked for performances in the KC area
  • Go every year for 21 years
  • I attended the Christmas Carol as a child for a field trip!
  • Facebook reminder
  • Google searching
  • I’ve been coming to this performance for years.
  • Friend
  • Googled musicals
  • I have wanted to see the Christmas Carol for years
  • A friend
  • Google search
  • Family
  • We’ve heard about this play over the years and finally got the chance to go.
  • Went to UMKC
  • Family member
  • A KC Tradition
  • I used to go to see The Christmas Carol when I was young. I wanted to take my kids.
  • A friend
  • KC resident and have attended several times over the years
  • Person in play
  • Friend told me
  • Been coming for over 35 years
  • My son attended w/his NHS chapter
  • Friend
  • Have attended over the past 30 years.
  • Go most years
  • Cast member
  • From attending in the past
  • I just know it’s playing each year
  • Know it is a yearly occurrence.
  • I knew it was the seasonrrry
  • Friend
  • I searched the internet for shows in KC.
  • I googled “Christmas Carol performances”
  • Cast member
  • Friend
  • UMKC
  • General web search


  • Am amazing performance with spectacular special effects and top-notch performers.
  • Great theater and good show. The update version didn’t always work.
  • One of the best productions fo A Christmas Carol I have ever seen.
  • Wonderful
  • Loved the new changes yet kept the best of the traditional!! Great balance! Please keep the songs and keep repeating MERRY CHRISTMAS ! God Bless Us Everyone! 🎄
  • I have seen this production dozens of times over the years and it was the least favorite [other than the COVID reading] by far. The principal members of the case were great as always. The supporting case members from Mrs. Cratchit on down, sadly, were not. They did not exude the energy as in years past and they rarely could be heard clearly [even though we sat on the front row]. Overall those of us in the orchestra seating could not clearly hear because of the lack of sound quality. Very disappointed.
  • We absolutely love the show. We also love how there are small changes every year we see it . It is a holiday tradition in our household.
  • It was very good
  • Enjoyed the interactive performance, sound & audio was very clear, enjoyed the legroom of the seats
  • Loved it!!!! This year made me cry. You all are fantastic!
  • I really enjoyed all the special effects and the sheer production value behind it. To be honest, I’m not sure what could be improved. It all felt very complete.
  • We came in from Illinois for a weekend in KC. We enjoy theatre especially Christmas plays. We’ve seen this story performed many times and both my husband and I think it is one of the top performances and depictions, right up with the quality of the Goodman theatre. Your set design, use of space, actor connections and quality was absolutely wonderful! We would definitely return for future productions. Also it’s so great to see this theatre connected to the university and providing that experience also to children. Lastly, I appreciated the land recognition during the introduction!
  • Wonderful costumes and acting/ production. We were on the third row and could not hear very well. Thank you.
  • This was A thinned down, dumbed down production. The Rep needs rescources to restore this to past levels of quality production?? Return to a production with the deeper props and stage sets. restorion of so many scenes/characters lines which had been removed. More performers…where are all the actors and singers. Need better sound or microphone connections.
  • Cast seemed small with too many actors playing multiple roles. Ghost of Christmas present was excellent. Gary Neal Johnson is Kansas City’s best actor. The transformation of his character is amazing. There was no one taking the donations in the lobby after the show, after they announced there would be.
  • Thank you, and Merry Christmas!
  • The show was fabulous! Great actors and great voices!! Loved the show! One concern..…when the actors were facing toward the audience’s right, their voices were not picked up well and we couldn’t hear them. The Kratchet home scene was especially tough to hear. …but there were other times also that the sound system didn’t pick up the sounds very well.
  • As always, it was a great show, We come every year; brought our daughter and son in law this year, maybe grandson next year.
  • It was wonderful!! We brought our grandchildren for the first time our youngest was so excited and in awe of the whole production! It was fun to see it through her eyes.
  • Please return to a more traditional script/telling of the Dickens story. A lot of important dialog was missing from Scrooge, Bob and the narrator. Also several actors spoke too fast and were difficult to understand. There was a focus on being scary and creating a darker feel that also changed the experience for us.
  • We thought the play was well done on many levels: casting, staging, lighting; the performance and production were top notch! Thank you for a delightful experience.
  • It’s become somewhat of a family tradition for us to attend this production every year, so we don’t have much to nitpick here and there. Will say this year’s story seemed to click along slightly breezier than last year’s for whatever reason (not sure what adjustments you make each time).
  • Need more bar tenders.
  • We loved it! Sat in the Glitter Row – it was a great show! It would be helpful if we could order intermission snacks online instead of standing in line before the show.
  • My FAVORITE version of A Christmas Carol. It was wonderful!
  • I love the glitter but felt like it took so long that other parts of the plot had to be shortened. Like the part about Scrooge’s sister and the paperweight were left out.
  • It is just magical! I especially liked when the choir came out and sang to us in the lobby before the performance. And Fizzywig’s party is delightful! It brings a smile to my face and I want to dance with them. Thank you so very much. The artistry of the actors is a blessing. It doesn’t matter how many times I see the show, their talents make it new and believable every single time. But what I absolutely loved the most is that this year there was no fear in reminding us about God and the birth of Jesus. thank you so very much. God bless you and happy a Merry Christmas. Babette
  • Loved the new changes yet kept the best of the traditional!! Great balance! Please keep the songs and keep repeating MERRY CHRISTMAS ! God Bless Us Everyone! 🎄
  • Sometimes it was really hard to hear the actors, despite sitting up front. The musicians were too loud during it or something. Also completely bummed that one of the main actors I wanted to see wasn’t in the performance tonight 🙁
  • I laughed, I discerned. It was a reminder of what the holidays are really about.
  • Great performance! Ghost of Christmas present & Marley & of course Scrooge..were amazing. Also loved ghost of Christmas present. At times very hard to hear & make out the words ..we c were stage right row E
  • We’ve been attending the Christmas Carol for years. We did not come during covid because of the vaccine requirement. We enjoyed the show this evening very much bringing family members for their 1st time. The only thing that we missed was the performers coming down the aisles carrying the lanterns and singing I believe it’s Oh come all ye faithful or some other Christmas Carol. It was always beautiful and we missed that this year.
  • One of the best performances of Christmas Carol. It seemed more musical this year and I liked that.
  • We have been many times in the past. Loved the music. Acting was great. We love Gary Johnson. Loved the interaction with the audience. I was in the glitter row. I felt Mrs Crattchet was a little harsh on Scrooge after Mr Cratchet cautioned her to honor him by being more respectful. I know that’s an unusual approach in todays world but by her being respectful even more highlights how wrong Scrooges behavior is. And makes her character shine. Just a thought. Love the performance we are so glad to be back to the theatre. Thank you so much for a fun evening. Thank you
  • Show was great. Parking directions stunk. We got completely lost even with GPS. Better signage is needed. Had to ask a group of 6 students and only 2 new where Spencer theater was.
  • The show is always wonderful and this year was fantastic. We enjoyed every moment. This is our tradition to kick off the holidays. It is perfect!
  • Everything is absolutely amazing! I’m really hoping to make it to see Peter Pan and Wendy.
  • It was fantastic!
  • The staging props were somehow less .. and probably needs to be refurbished. I did not like the 3rd spirit as it had less of the character and not as effective as in the past performances. The actors remain quite goodi have been to every year’s performance for the past 41 years
  • It was a fabulous show. We try and make it part of our Christmas every year.
  • Loved the interaction with the audience: glitter everywhere! The set was magnificent and transitioned so easily from scene to scene! The cast was amazing and the music was the perfect addition to the play.
  • The pictures in front of the KC Rep backdrop was genius! I loved every bit of this play. I brought 14 family members for the 33rd year in a row. I would like a contact for group sales to keep me on the top of your list to be able to purchase my tickets in the spring/summer to reserve my tickets. I used to work with Andrew Cotlar, but he left. Keep Gotta love Gary and Walter…amazing actors!
  • I loved the whole thing. The addition of the carols were absolutely beautiful. I loved the rotating stage, the glittering of people, the actors in the aisle. Just needed ice cream delivered to my seat in the interval to fulfill all my childhood dreams 😉 Thank you for a wonderful production.
  • I love how the show changes just a bit every year. Great job as always
  • The best one yet! Loved the more movement within the audience.
  • Really enjoyed the performance, but there were times the dialog was difficult to hear. Thank you for providing this performance for over 40 years!!
  • Excellent production
  • I first attended A Christmas Carol as a matinee when I was in 4th grade. I am now 50 and realized that I probably attended the year that A Christmas Carol first debuted at the theater. I have attended many times over the years since and it is a treasured holiday tradition I continue to look forward to and enjoy. Thank you so much!
  • A reminder to the audience of how to behave at the theater!
  • The story was told differently than years past. I thought the production was good but my personal preference is for the production from years past.
  • I really enjoyed this years production. I was disappointed & surprised at two of the performers exercising their ‘right’ to wear a mask during the performance. Very unprofessional & selfish of them. If they truly feels that unsafe, perhaps they should bow out this year. Peggy was hard to understand. Frankly, it is just ridiculous to expect the paying audience to accept this.
  • It was wonderful. Have not seen this production for a few years. The actor playing Scrooge was excellent. I enjoyed the interaction with the audience.
  • We have been coming for 25 years. First as adults with only family, mothers (deceased) then daughters, now grow adult granddaughters. This year was really one of the better ones. Got lots of glitter, my mother’s favorite thing, now ours. As my kids tell me “ this kicks off Christmas for them”. Very happy and it was more upbeat. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon!!
  • I felt like the show was rushed in many areas. I did not understand why the ghost of Christmas future had scrooge look under the covers and then at his name on the tombstone. The bed scene seemed unnecessary and could have been used with past and present more. I didn’t understand him going home with Fan which is part of why he is so cold later in life. I also miss the carols at the end which could be because of Covid but also could have been done on the stage Scrooge did not throw the paperweight These are all things we noticed Thank you for keeping O come all ye faithful Also we liked the last scenes when a man on the street on Christmas morning tipped his hat and glitter came out
  • Wonderful talent!! Loved Scrooge. What a fantastic actor. Loved the actor who played Christmas present. Loved his interaction with the audience. Only downside was at times couldn’t understand or hear the actors. But I’m getting old!!! Thoroughly enjoyed it!! Thank you!
  • Overall the performance was very well done and the acting very professional. One suggestion – get the lady that tried singing with a mask on to drop the mask, she was very hard to understand. Otherwise great show.
  • Disappointed with how Tiny Tim’s death was handled by Bob Cratchet. Amount of time spent by Christmas Present walking around the audience. Great stage and music.
  • It was great!
  • It is interesting that I could not list more than one way that I heard about the play. There were several ways, but the survey would only allow one.
  • Excellent way exceeded my expectations
  • The vocal and instrumental music…involving the audience…and of course the fine acting.
  • Everything! I thought the acting and the set was amazing. The venue was convenient to get in and out of. The decor for pics and the drinks beforehand were a nice option.
  • Terrific energy. Beautiful staging and use of the rotating set. Wonderful cast. Thank you for your policy that allows subscribers to exchange tickets. Box office staff members were helpful and friendly!
  • The work that goes into the production is so worth it. It is pure magic!
  • The performances were so good! My family & I thoroughly enjoyed everything about the performance. The only thing that might make the experience better could be turning up the volume when the narrator speaks. I could hear him but at times had a little trouble understanding. But I’d recommend it to anyone to go see. It was great!
  • As a person that has seen many, many performances (including the Covid special and the year ACC wasn’t done and A Christmas Story was instead), there are some old school things that are really missed. It’s always a great time and performance though! I really miss the other performers whispering Scrooge’s name from various locations along w Marley as he’s making his entrance. Also miss performers making the wind sounds as Scrooge makes his way home from the counting house. My boys have been coming along for quite some time also, one is almost 23. The paperweight scenes w Scrooge and Fred is missed as it brings some fun and ties Fan in better. Miss Scrooge learning to laugh w Simon vs laughing by himself in the house. During that scene he teaches a young melancholy boy to laugh too; great to see him help another other than w his money. Granted Simon ends up getting money, but first they learn to laugh together. We miss it when Scrooge and the Narrator say, “Bob” and point to each other as Bob starts at the door the morning after Christmas. And, if you can believe it, we missed the undertaker in the Old Joe scene and the police officer breaking up the sale. We’re So glad the old door knocker was brought back where a face can actually push through, the red and green lights offer better effect though. As much as I’d love to see the Basset Hounds again, I know that will not be a thing, but those were some super fun ones too! I terribly miss the old worn screen that used to hang prior to the show with pictures of ghosts and Scrooge, though, I feel something may have happened to it years ago and that’s why it’s no longer in use. If it is available, it brought much interest to the seated audience while awaiting a grand performance. We’re glad to see a lot of the electronic visual effects have gone by the wayside and more of a theatrical presence has returned. Just really miss some of the old school stuff. A lot of it added so much to the performance. If there’s a transcript of it from 15, 25, even 30-35 years ago, I highly recommend a peak. Basically any pre-A Christmas Story years. I’ve heard others on our way out over the years saying what they miss. I’m sure Mr. Coppage, Mr. Johnson, and Ms. Friesen would remember some of the little things. There are some parts that may seem minor, but add a lot to the performance. We’re not the only ones that mention this. It’s a family tradition and we love it and will continue to come. Some things are just disappointing. And each year we hope to see things reintroduced, yet more seems to be cut. We realize it’s artistic interpretation, just desperately longing for some nostalgia. We’ve come to The Rep for several other performances over the years. My grandmother and aunt were season ticket holders for years and years until my grandmother became too weak, but we still come to A Christmas Carol and random other shows. We understand some things can’t come back, but hope some things will be reintroduced sometime soon for us long-timers. Keep up the quality work, and please, please consider bringing some things back!
  • It was beautifully done, from the music to the words to the set design. From laughing out loud to tearing up, I experienced it all. Seriously, it was such a touching, phenomenal show.
  • Loved the creative rotating set. Loved choreography , live music, actor interaction with audience. The drink selection was diverse and my hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps tasted great!
  • What happened to the paper weight Scrooge’ would throw at his nephew at the beginning of the play?
  • Pre-Covid, I was was a Rep Subscriber for over 20 years but stopped with the Rep’s Covid restrictions, requiring vaccination and masks. Now that those are lifted, I enjoyed my return to the Rep and always love A Christmas Carol. I was sad however to see actors wearing masks during the performance. Facial expression is part of acting and those actors chose to hide it.
  • Loved your rotating stage! Loved the Ghost of Christmas Present walking about the crowd and spreading cheer!
  • Wonderful, entertaining performance!! We loved it! Theatre might use some new seats but i love the theatre so much! The pace was very good, maybe a slow point in 2nd act. Loved it so much!! Musicians are A++
  • I liked that it followed the traditional Dickens script. I liked the appropriate ad libs by the Christmas spirits. I liked the diversity in casting.
  • Great venue, affordable prices , thank you
  • Hymns, glitter, great storytelling
  • Great job!
  • The production was fine. BUT we were very disappointed the Rep allows children under 5 years to be in the theatre. The tickets are expensive and we had waited several years to bring our grand children to see it as a special event.. They are 8 years and 10 years old. Sitting behind us was a family that brought a child seemingly 2 years or less considering his verbal abilities. He screeched about every 5 minutes and they “shished” him just as loudly. The only time he was briefly quiet in the first half was when they fed him. He wandered behind our seats throughout. Behind us also 2 small children, possibly 4 or 5 years who constantly kicked the back of my 10 year old grandsons seat through out the performance, which he found very distracting. I understand it is a family event, but feel you need to set an age limit to children that are capable of behaving and not disrupting others around them.
  • We enjoyed the play, and discussed how there are subtle changes from previous performances. We also enjoyed the interaction with the audience. Overall, the staff and crew were wonderful.
  • Over the years the number of Christmas hymns performed has dwindled in number from several to just one last night, “Oh, Come All Ye Faithful”. It was done very well but the performance could benefit greatly by including more hymns into the performance. The ghost of Christmas present is always a highlight with his massive size as he walks the perimeter of the audience.
  • Everything, especially more singing.
  • Well-acted and a great way to start the Christmas season. Loved it all!
  • The staging, the performances of the actors; dare I say, everything? We shall return!
  • I absolutely loved everything about it! I brought my grandchildren and hope to make it an annual tradition. Just a thought-because the theater where I took my own children back in the day did this and they LOVED it-but what about having the audience participate in singing just like one or two songs at the very end, like after the curtain calls, WITH the cast? My kids loved it, and it lets them see the cast as just regular people so they don’t have nightmares about the ghosts… Just a thought!
  • I prefer when the carolers walk through the audience as opposed to standing on stage.
  • The story is really dark. The years that I have really loved seeing A Christmas Carol is when it was full of music and has overwhelming joy at moments. I didn’t think this version had enough joyful moments. It leaned into the scary which is hard for children.
  • The ghosts of Christmas present was so funny and brought such laughter and smiles . It was so so nice to see people out and happy and dressed up again. The stage with it revolving and ever changing scenes was outstanding . Loved it !!
  • We enjoyed the show and will definitely make this a family tradition!!
  • We always loved the ghost of Christmas present 🙂 We also love how you stick to Dickens original story and use songs of the time period. I’m sure you had your reasons for allowing the actress to wear a mask on stage but a) it was distracting and b) you couldn’t hear her lines so I wouldn’t allow that again…
  • The new way the 3 Christmases were presented – more life like than story telling. very impressive
  • The show was very nice. Got a little choked up with the new turkey boy scene. Marley was excellent 🙂
  • It was our first time on Campus. We came on a Sunday afternoon. The Spencer Theatre is VERY hard to find!!! The Building is NOT Marked on the side you can see, from the Parking Garage. We Parked on Level 5, but there are TWO Elevated Walkways. We took the incorrect one apparently, because we came out by the Student Union. We could NOT find the Theatre for about 20 minutes; almost missed the Performance! We even asked walkers/joggers and they could not direct us to the Theatre. For one thing, we did not know the Spencer Theatre was INSIDE the KC Rep Building, which as I mentioned, is not marked clearly, only on the front, once you approach it from the UNMARKED side. We really thought there would be better Signage…!!! At least an In-Ground Sign with an arrow pointing towards the Building. It would also be extremely helpful to mention the Theatre is right behind the Stadium! If we had known that, we would’ve found it much quicker, because we could see the Stadium from the Parking Garage. Thank You.
  • This was out 39th year at A christmas Carol. It is different every year, and I expect that. It seems the show is being streamlined, as in the cast and the show itself are getting smaller and smaller. Sign of the times?
  • Too many performers playing multiple parts
  • The play was outstanding. All of the actors were amazing. Our seats were in the front section AAA. and they were fantastic. It has been years since I’ve seen the Christmas Carol at the KCRep. I bought these tickets for my grandkids that came in from out of town for Thanksgiving. It did not disappoint us , with the quality of your Theater and performance👏👏👏👏. We will definitely be coming back for future performances. Thank you for such a memorable experience.
  • I loved the crowd interaction. It was a lot of fun.
  • Still working some bugs out of the production with flubbed lines. Some sound / volume issues where we were sitting. Couldn’t always hear the narrator or mrs crachet. Background music playing under the dialogue made it particularly hard to hear. Could be tightened up and save 10-15 minutes. Late start.
  • We enjoyed the ghost of Christmas past even more this year. Our favorite of course is the ghost of Christmas present! Scrooge did a wonderful job and we always love the narrator!! We brought 3 grandkids this year for their first time and they loved it!!
  • visited KC for the first time for a weekend getaway. Well done!
  • It was just great
  • For 18 years, this show signifies the start of our famil y’s holiday season. Love the gingerbread cookies and hot beverages, too!
  • Best Marley ever. Thought the whole Marley ghost scene was wonderful. Great use of smoke, really set the mood. Also really enjoyed the dancing at Fezziewigs party. Thought the use of smoke throughout the whole show really worked. We were on fist row and it didn’t bother at all, took us into the monument.
  • Acting, staging. It was all great
  • It was wonderful! I got to share in this experience with my children and my nieces and nephews. the actors and actresses were great!
  • It was hard to understand some of the dialogue with the British accent. Have seen before & easier to understand. Otherwise it was great!
  • Five stars in every way!!!!
  • It was fabulous! We took our grandson and he absolutely loved it! We will definitely return.
  • Loved the show. Great cast. Wonderful to see a lot of local veteran actors as well as new developing talents. The venue is splendid! Not a bad seat in the house! Plan to see more productions. Have not been to the KC Rep for a few years.
  • Went when i was a kid and loved it. It is still great.
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