A Christmas Carol 2019

Nov 22, 2019 - Dec 29, 2019 at Spencer Theatre

Kansas City’s beloved holiday tradition returns with all the heart and spectacle you’ve come to love over 39 years. Join Ebenezer Scrooge on his redemptive journey with Christmas Past, Present, and Future, and rediscover the true meaning of the holidays. You’ll meet the Cratchits, Tiny Tim, and the irresistible Fezziwigs, and hear the joyous Candlelight Carol — all this and more, to kindle your Christmas spirit. Share the season with the people you love at A Christmas Carol.

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Appropriate for ages 5 to 105!

Directed by
Jason Chanos Based on the novel by
Charles Dickens Adapted by
Geoff Elliott
  • “Kansas City Repertory Theatre's 'A Christmas Carol' is as much an iconic Kansas City holiday tradition as is the annual Plaza lighting ceremony every Thanksgiving evening. As good as it gets!”

    Broadway World
  • "A high-kicking yuletide celebration!"

    The Kansas City Star

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Stage Manager:
Iván Dario Cano
Assistant Stage Manager:
Rachel M. Dyer
Music Director/Piano Conductor:
Anthony T. Edwards
Assitant Music Director:
Jonathan Schriock
Set Design:
John Ezell
Costume Design:
Emily Stovall
Assistant Costume Design:
Jordan New
Wig Design:
Gayla Voss
Lighting and Projection Design:
Kaitlyn Pietras
Lighting and Projection Design:
Jason H. Thompson
Sound Design:
Joshua Horvath
Daniel Bryan

A Kansas City native, Daniel Bryan made his entertainment debut at the 2015 Pattie LaBelle concert. The singer invited the

...read more

Peter Cratchit
Emma Daggett

Emma is thrilled to be part of A Christmas Carol! She loves music, theatre, dance, and anything/everything visual art. Her

...read more

Alice Feldmiller

Alice is so excited to be a part of A Christmas Carol. After seeing it with her class last year

...read more

Belinda Cratchit
Savion Jackson

Savion has watched A Christmas Carol for the past three years and is now excited to be part of it.

...read more

Young Scrooge
Eliza King

Eliza brings a longtime love of creative expression to A Christmas Carol. Eliza performed at Theatre For Young America for

...read more

Leo Lynn

Leo is thrilled to be part of A Christmas Carol. Leo is part of Heart of America Shakespeare youth conservatory and

...read more

SaVaughn McClaine

SaVaughn is a junior at Sumner Academy of Arts and Science in Kansas City, Kansas. He enjoys writing, acting, and

...read more

Turkey Boy
Ike McKee

Ike is thrilled to be a part of A Christmas Carol again this year. He is looking forward to being

...read more

Scrooge as a Teen
Ellie McManamy

Ellie is so excited to be a part of this holiday tradition for her 5th season of A Christmas Carol.   Ellie’s most recent

...read more

Martha Cratchit
Lainey McManamy

Lainey is excited to be a part of A Christmas Carol for her second year playing Tiny Tim.  Most recently, she

...read more

Tiny Tim
Christopher (‘Topher) Rauth

‘Topher is excited to be a part of the 2019 A Christmas Carol. He can remember seeing his older brother perform

...read more

Scrooge as a Teen
Tess Sollars

A lover of all things Christmas – and the entire month of December in general, Tess is thrilled to join

...read more

Allison Weiner

Allison is ecstatic to be making her KCRep debut in A Christmas Carol. She’s enjoyed seeing the show before, so

...read more

Youth Ensemble
Lucy Alcock

Lucy is so happy to be back again this year to be part of A Christmas Carol after taking a

...read more

Scrooge as a Boy
Annika (Annie) Bryson

Annie is very excited to be performing with the KCRep company and especially thrilled to be sharing the stage with

...read more

Youth Ensemble
Riglee Bryson

Riglee is a little ball of energy and so thrilled to be on the stage again, especially at KCRep with

...read more

Scrooge (as a Young Boy)
Amelia Coville-Schweigert

Amelia is thrilled to be part of A Christmas Carol. Amelia was part of the children’s ensemble for Wizard of

...read more

Liana Jaramillo

Liana couldn’t be more excited or grateful for the opportunity to perform with such talented and amazing actors in A

...read more

Lauren Rothhaas

Lauren is excited to be back to the KC Rep this year for her second role in A Christmas Carol.

...read more

Belinda Cratchit
Brodi Schlagel

Brodi is so excited to be part of A Christmas Carol. He has been enjoying acting, singing and dancing since

...read more

Criston Lee Starks

Criston is a freshman at The Pembroke Hill School. She is returning to A Christmas Carol at the KCRep for

...read more

Martha Cratchit
Tripp Starr

Tripp Starr was born June 14, 2002 in Murrieta, California. As Tripp grew up, he had many creative artistic influences

...read more

Turkey Boy
Benjamin Stoker

Benjamin Stoker is a fourth grader at Crossroads-Quality Hill Academy. Ben has studied acting at the Coterie Theatre and at the

...read more

Tiny Tim
Moss Terrell

Moss is honored once again to be joining the KCRep’s production of A Christmas Carol. Last year in the production

...read more

Teen Scrooge

Important Safety Information

Beginning November 1, 2021, all patrons who attend public performances of KCRep must provide either proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 or a PCR test proving negative results of COVID-19 taken within 72 hours of the performance date. Masks will also be required.

This is the policy for all ticketholders of KCRep public performances taking place in Spencer Theater and Copaken Stage. This is not a requirement established by the University of Missouri or H&R Block.

Please visit kcrep.org/safety for more details.

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