A Christmas Carol

At Spencer Theatre

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we cannot commit to presenting A Christmas Carol this year as planned. If it is safe, we will work to instead create a new temporary holiday tradition in its place.
Celebrating 40 years of holiday magic at KCRep! For 40 years, Kansas City’s beloved tradition has created holiday memories for families all around our community, with all the heart and spectacle you’ve come to love… start your family tradition this year, and create memories that will last for many Christmas’s to come! Join Ebenezer Scrooge on his redemptive journey with Christmas Past, Present, and Future, and rediscover the true meaning of the holidays. You’ll meet the Cratchits, Tiny Tim, and the irresistible Fezziwigs, and hear the haunting and joyous Candlelight Carol — all this and more, to kindle your Christmas spirit. Share the season with the people you love at A Christmas Carol.

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Based on the book by
Charles Dickens Adapted for the Stage by
Geoff Elliott Directed by
Jason Chanos

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