Thank you for choosing to spend your holiday season with KCRep and our digital streaming version of A Christmas Carol ! We want you to have the best experience possible; the information in this guide should help you watch the show on your TV screen and troubleshoot any technical issues you have. Enjoy the show!


Which devices can I use to stream?
You should be able to stream A Christmas Carol on most devices you own. You can watch performances from the comfort of your home on iOS, AppleTV, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick and your web browser.


How do I view my streaming performance?
When your purchase your stream of A Christmas Carol, you will receive a Performance Confirmation email with a custom login link to a secure viewing site. (If you pre-ordered your stream, you will be sent a Performance Confirmation email on 11/23). Click on your custom login link to watch A Christmas Carol on your laptop, tablet, mobile device—or, mirror the show to your smart TV. We recommend that you access your link at least 10 minutes before you intend on watching A Christmas Carol, so you can resolve any issues you have using the information in this troubleshooting guide. If you have not received your email confirmation with your performance link, please reach out to our Box Office for support.


Can I watch the show on my TV or do I have to watch on my computer?
We’d love for you to watch the show on your big screen! There are many ways to get the streaming performance on your TV screen:


What’s the ideal browser to use?
We recommend using the browser that gives you the quickest speeds for your everyday use. We recommend Firefox or Google Chrome.


How do I make a video fullscreen?
You’ll find the fullscreen button in the video player, depending on your device it will be in the lower right corner (on PC, for example) or the upper left (on iOS).


What should I do if I’m experiencing connection issues during the show (e.g. video is freezing or audio is not working)?
Your video may need a minute to load. If it is not playing continuously, try pausing it and stepping away for a few minutes and then continuing the show once it’s had a chance to pre-load more of the performance. If you are experiencing connection issues, it may be related to your browser settings, internet bandwidth, or it’s a device-specific issue.
While we can’t guarantee and may not be able to troubleshoot the performance of your specific hardware setup, we have a few recommendations that we hope will help:

  • Pause the video to allow it to load more fully.
  • Make sure you have the most updated version of the software you’re using.
  • Refresh your browser page or try switching to a completely different browser.
  • Make sure there are no other devices connected to your wi-fi that could be creating network traffic.
  • Try connecting to your personal Hotspot on your phone.
  • Restart your wi-fi router.
  • Try switching to a different device.


I don’t see the video player! There is no play button!
If you have an Ad Block plugin installed on your browser you may need to disable it to get the video viewer to display and play. Disable any plugins you have, then restart your browser and refresh the page. Please note, if you are on a Mac/Apple computer and browsing in Safari, you will need to uncheck the box next to “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking” in the Preferences/Privacy settings.


What’s the best way to watch  the performance on my phone?
We recommend accessing the viewing page in landscape (hold your phone horizontally), and then making the video full-screen once it begins playing.


Any other questions?
Please reach out to our Box Office for support.