Are you?

Twelve young people gather for their tenth high school reunion. As they reacquaint, sparks fly as memories of deep hurts they shared as a group when not listened to by parents and teachers as well as those they caused to each other are visited in flashback.

New identities are unfurled. Old wounds and secrets are spoken aloud and hilarities are recalled as they join forces again to understand a time when it seemed no one was listening or even cared. As each of the former classmates makes a reunion toast, we learn of their struggle, then and now, to be heard— as they navigate a complex world while coming of age.

With the power of confidence and the perspective of time on their side, can they find the unity they were always seeking and wanted the world to hear?

Thanks to all who saw this original play devised, written, and performed by our bright and talented 2021 ensemble of actors and playwrights.

The performances happened on July 30 at 7pm and July 31 at 2pm
Spencer Stage in the Olson Performing Arts Center, UMKC campus

Out of utmost care for our young people and their families including younger brothers and sisters, we required audience members to wear a mask.

Special Thanks to the following Educational Programming donors

The Hearst Foundation, Inc.
Victor E. and Caroline E. Schutte Foundation – 1959 Trust

Ford Motor Company Fund

Arconic Foundation
Frank & Margaret G. McGee Fund

General Mills Foundation Hometown Grantmaking
R. A. Long Foundation
Diana & Tim Toman
Herman Family Foundation Fund
Torosian Foundation

Top: The 2021 Summer Youth Theatre Ensemble class rehearses their original play, Are You Listening? • Photo by Emma Cunningham