By honoring KCRep with a gift through your estate planning, you’ll become a member of the Vanguard Society, an esteemed group of individuals whose sup­port helps ensure the vitality of KCRep for future generations.

The Vanguard Society is named in honor and memory of KCRep’s beloved founder, Dr. Patricia McIlrath,. A vanguard is a leader of a movement, an academic field, or a cultural trend; and Dr. Mac was on the cutting edge of all three. A visionary leader for the regional theatre movement that swept the nation in the 1960s, she was instrumental in founding the institution that would become KCRep. The Vanguard Society is a tribute to her vision and her legacy.

Planned gifts are made through bequests, life insurance policies, retirement plan assets, real estate property, appreciated securities, trusts, IRAs, or other life income agreements.

Your financial advisor can help you determine the best way for you to help KCRep through planned giving. Contact Carrie Lenahan, KCRep’s Associate Director of Development, at lenahanc@kcrep. org or 816-235-5420 to let us know that you would like to make artistic excellence part of your legacy and so we may recognize you!

Thank you to the members of KCRep’s Vanguard Society; their generosity ensures that KCRep continues to thrive, inspiring future generations of theatre lovers!

Dr. Mac during the construction of Spencer Theatre in 1978. Photo: KCRep Archives