Our Conversation Series consists of four types of events: Making the Play, Meet the Creative Team, Scholars’ Forum and Actors’ Forum. These events occur immediately before (Making the Play) or after select performances of a production and are free to the public – you don’t even need a ticket to the show to attend! Together we’ll talk about what surprised you, what moved you, and what questions you’re left with after experiencing the show. Look for these symbols on the calendar featured on each show page:

Making the Play
Join a member of the KC Rep artistic staff to engage in conversation about the show.  

Meet the Creative Team
Participate in a conversation with the team behind the story. They may have written the script, directed the production, designed and built the set or lights and sound. This is your chance to learn about the decisions that must be made to tell the story.

Scholars’ Forum
We bring in experts from industry, religion, and/or government surrounding the themes and content of the story. Their perspective provides insight into characters, story setting, or any other relevant aspect of the production to help us answer those questions: “Who? What? When? Where? How? Why?”

Actors’ Forum
These people bring the story to life on stage by portraying the written characters through a variety of methods. Participate in a conversation and learn about character motivation and the relationships – on and off stage – that affect the story line.