Financial Statements

Accountability & Transparency

As a nonprofit organization, our successes at KCRep are a direct result of the generosity of people like you. Because of you, we are able to pursue our mission: To inspire, entertain, and open minds by creating transformative theatre experiences for all.

The KCRep Board of Trustees is committed to the effective stewardship of your charitable gifts. KCRep values its relationships with each of its donors and patrons. We are committed to preserving and respecting those relationships by protecting your right to privacy and being accountable and transparent.

Donor Privacy Policy

KCRep assures the privacy of its donors. As a donor, your personal information, whether it is shared online or offline, is kept completely confidential. KCRep will not trade, share, or sell donors’ personal information with anyone else, nor will it send correspondence to donors on behalf of another organization.

Audited Financial Statements

2020/2021 Audited Financial Statements

Form 990

2020/2021 Form 990

Impact Report

Our Impact Reports are a document that outlines each season, covering productions, programming, and financials.

FY23 Impact Report
FY22 Impact Report
FY21 Impact Report
FY20 Impact Report
FY19 Impact Report

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