During The Show

Are there special effects like strobe lights, haze, smoke, or loud noises?
It’s possible, and we try and provide as much notice as we can if these effects will be used. Information about possible sensitivities will be included in your pre-show information email, on the show page for each production, and will be listed on signs outside of the theatre. If you have specific questions or concerns about a performance, don’t hesitate to contact Ticketing Services, who are more than happy to answer any questions you have about the show and possible sensitivities.

What accessibility accommodations do you offer?
Yes! From Sensory Kits to Assistive Listening Devices to seating for wheelchairs, we offer many accessibility accommodations. Visit the Accessibility section to learn about these accommodations.

Where is the ADA-compliant accessible seating located in your theatres?
Within our Spencer Theatre, ADA-compliant seating for wheelchairs is located in row F. At Copaken Stage, ADA-compliant seating for wheelchairs is located in rows A, J and T. If you would like to purchase tickets in these sections, or need to exchange tickets you currently have for those with wheelchair access, please contact Ticketing Services.

Can I bring children? What ages do you recommend this show for?
We recommend theatre for all ages, and suggest that you begin bringing your children to the theatre when they are able to sit quietly in a seat for extended periods of time. Parents should use their best judgement when deciding whether a show’s content is appropriate for their children. We encourage you to read more about our performances here on the website, or contact Ticketing Services at tickets@kcrep.org or 816-235-2700 to inquire if any performances have content that might be objectionable to those under 18. Regardless of age, a ticket is required for every person entering the theatre.

Does this show contain nudity or adult language? How can I find out about content?
We make our best efforts to list any sensitive content, such as nudity or strong language, on each performance’s show page. If you have concerns about content, contact Ticketing Services who can help inform you.

Can I take photos or videos of the performance?
You are permitted to take photos/videos before the show begins, and we encourage you to have fun taking selfies in our Lobby Photobooth. Once the show begins, the use of all cameras and recording devices in the theatre is strictly prohibited for the safety of our actors and in accordance with the rules of Actors Equity Association.

Should I turn off my cell phone during the performance?
Yes. Please put your phone on Silent, preferably in Airplane or Sleep mode, so that it does not chime or buzz. Nothing is more disruptive to the live theatre experience than the chiming or vibrating of phone notifications.

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