Student Matinee Series

Where are you located?
Spencer Theatre is located at the James C. Olson Performing Arts Center, 4949 Cherry, Kansas City, MO, 64110 on the UMKC Campus. Your school bus should enter the parking area from Rockhill Road and merge into the drive in front of the Performing Arts Center (marked Bixby Lane). When you arrive at the theatre, please stay on your buses! A staff member will greet your bus and let you know how to proceed.

Copaken Stage is located at 13th and Walnut, inside the H&R Block Building, downtown. (The exact address is: One H&R Block Way, Kansas City, MO 64105.)

Can we take photos or videos of the performance?
The use of cameras and other recording devices is a violation of the actors’ contracts. We ask that you refrain from taking photos or videos during the production. However, you are welcome to take photos of students in the lobby or in the theatre before the performance begins. It is also important to remember that electronic and recording devices should not be brought inside the theatre. This includes pen lights, hand-held games, virtual pets, cell phones, mp3 players, pagers, ipods and bright or noisy jewelry.

Can we take food or drinks into the theatre?
No. There is no food, drinks or gum allowed in the theatre during the performance.

Can we bring sack lunches?
Sack lunches can be stored by the House Management staff until after the performance. They cannot be consumed in the lobby before or during the production.

Is there a concession stand?
Snacks will be sold at intermission but cannot be taken into the theatre. Please alert students to this policy so that they will not buy more than they can enjoy during intermission. Please let your students know to bring one dollar bills if they would like to purchase concessions. This will ensure the line moves swiftly.

I have a student with special needs. What should I do?
We require a minimum of two weeks notice in order to accommodate your student’s needs. This includes accommodations for students who use wheelchairs as well as for students with hearing or vision impairments. Please note that tickets for para-professionals should be included in your ticket count. Everyone entering the theatre will need a ticket.

How are we seated?
Theatre seating is assigned and based on sequence in which reservations and payments are received, talkback attendance, disability considerations, and group size.

Where should teachers and chaperones sit?
We ask that the teacher/chaperones sit among their students in various areas in order to encourage positive behavior. We ask that there be one adult seated between every ten students. You will be seated in the order you are standing in line to enter the theatre; please ensure your chaperones are spaced accordingly. Actors appreciate audience response that is appropriate to the play. By no means does the Rep want to discourage laughter or applause during a performance. However, talking, whispering, shouting or any inappropriate responses which are disruptive to the actors or to the rest of the audience is not tolerated. If behavior problems arise, we ask that a teacher or chaperone accompany the student to the theatre lobby and remain with the student until the end of the play.

What if there is bad weather?
Please note that Kansas City Repertory Theatre shall be under no liability for failure of the group to attend in the event that such failure is caused by, or due to, inclement weather, interruption or delay of transportation services, or any other similar or dissimilar cause beyond the control of the company. Due to the nature of live theater, performances may be cancelled without notice. Should this occur, the Education Department will make every effort to notify you and will attempt to move your group into another student matinee performance whenever possible. Once final payment has been received, per the Rep’s ticket policy, we are unable to refund payment made for reservations.

Is it possible to talk with the cast?
There is a 20-minute Q. & A. discussion with the actors following the performance. If your group needs to leave after the play, we understand, and need to know beforehand. However, we encourage you to stay for this unique learning experience.

My bus driver wants to see the show. Does she/he need a ticket?
Yes! Each person planning to see the play will need a ticket to give the ushers in order to enter the theatre. This includes all students, chaperones, para-professionals and drivers. If your bus driver will be attending the performance, please remember to give them their ticket prior to entering the theatre.

Are tickets available for purchase at the door?
Extra tickets will not be available on the day of performance. If you need to increase your seat count prior to the performance day, please contact Melinda McCrary, Director of Education, and she can let you know if additional seats are available for purchase.

What should we wear?
Dress for the weather. You may wear dress clothes in order to make the theatre field trip a special one, but it is not required. Please be advised that, at times, it may be chilly in the theatre.

How can we let the performers and artists know what we thought?
After your visit, take time to discuss and reflect with your students and tell us about your experiences. We can share your feedback with artists and funders who make these productions possible. Please send your letters to: Melinda McCrary, Director of Education, Kansas City Repertory Theatre, 4825 Troost, #101, Kansas City, MO 64110.

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