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As a live professional theatre, KCRep believes that theatre is for everyone. We believe that KCRep is your theatre, and we strive to create an inclusive, diverse, equitable and anti-racist theatre and believe in playing our part in creating an inclusive, diverse, equitable and anti-racist America. From time to time, KCRep will issue statements of solidarity, support and advocacy for people and communities impacted by discrimination and harmful actions. Below is an archive of the statements we have publicly made:

Black Lives Matter

May 31, 2020– Our hearts are aching with all in Kansas City and across the country who are suffering. For decades we have been a theatre committed to telling stories that reflect, illuminate, interrogate, and celebrate American life. And in this moment, we at KCRep stand in solidarity with our community of artists and colleagues in KC and around the country. The injustices and violence the Black community continues to experience must stop.
Join us in not only demanding justice now but work alongside us to understand and overcome the racism and inequity that endangers and disadvantages Black lives in America.
#blacklivesmatter to all of us at KCRep.

AAPI Support

March 19, 2021– Hate crimes and violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) are deeply rooted in the history of our country and with the rise in anti-Asian rhetoric around COVID-19 toward our friends in the AAPI community and the violent hate crimes of the past weeks we are compelled to speak boldly today. We cannot stand by while our friends and neighbors live in fear. We urge you to visit a valuable resource aimed at educating and encouraging activism through allyship.
We, as an organization, denounce white supremacy and racial violence in every form, and condemn the domestic terrorism that recently disgraced our nation and took the lives of 8 human beings.
We are privileged to have the role in our community of sharing stories of human connection that celebrate our shared humanity and are committed to representing everyone in our community with the dignity they deserve. Join us in fighting discrimination and hate against our friends in the Asian American and Pacific Islander community.

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