KCRep Staff

Executive Director
Angela Gieras
Artistic Director
Stuart Carden

House Manager
Kelly Cooper
Associate Artistic Director
Jason Chanos
Technical Director
Bill Shinoski
Design/Publications Specialist
Thaylia Smith
Development Operations Manager
Keri Losche Noerrlinger
Box Office Manager
Shaun Culley
Director of Education & Community Programs
Melinda McCrary
Materials Coordinator
D. Patrick Farmer
Lighting and Video Supervisor
Michelle Harvey
Wardrobe Supervisor
Marianne Rowse
Audio Supervisor
Jeffrey Keirsey
General Manager
Amy M. Abels Owen
Assistant Props Master
Mark Hambrecht
Scene Shop Foreman
John Owen
Kathleen Bradford
Costume Shop Manager
Gayla Voss
Head Cutter
Michele Richmond
Production Manager
Daniel R. Earnest
Jana Jessee
Properties Master
Grace Hudson
Interim Director of Development
Carrie Lenahan
Asst. House Manager
Christina Obenshain
Public Relations
Tammy Cunningham
Associate Director of New Works
Kim Martin-Cotten
Grant Writer
Diana Silver
Front of House Staff
Marina McSorley
Charge Scenic Artist
Cara Spencer
Finance Manager
Caycee Garlow
Scenic Artist
Mallory Harwell
Ticketing Agent
Robin Randall
Scene Shop
Jamie Linedemann
Director of New Works
Lisa Rothe
Artistic Assistant to the Artistic Director
Yetunde Felix-Ukwu
Assistant Production Manager
April Brewer
Megan Reed
Asst. Technical Director
Tom Gault
Stage Carpenter
David Slice
Props Artisan
Regina Weller
Costume Rental Manager
Jessica Gaston
Development Assistant
Kaitlynn Gleeson
Asst. House Manager
LaVera Fleeks
Staff Electrician
Michael Cochrane
Front of House Staff
Linda Fleeks
Jonathan Paxson
Master Audio Engineer
Miles Thomas Mosher
Interim Assistant Costume Shop Manager
Mary Williams
Digital Marketing Manager
Dayna Meyer
Head Electrician
Teri Cobourn
Christina HadleyDike
Ticketing Agent
Latifah Sayles
Manager of Information Services
Michelle Blaine
Marketing Manager
Gerry Johnson
Costume Shop Manager
Jenny Green
Claire McEwen
Director of Finance
Melanie Coleman
Front of House Staff
Mary Lou Garrett
Bryan Wheat
Production Audio Engineer
Nicole Wilke
Director of Development
MaryLee Guthrie
Zachary O’Keefe
Asst. House Manager
Warren Deckert
Social Media Supervisor
Jen Spaw
Associate Director of Marketing and Audience Development
Andrew Cotlar
Master Carpenter
Daniel Traner
Front of House Staff
Jane Schaefer
Company Manager
Amanda Arany
Front of House Staff
Craig Thompson
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