Local Muralists (Episode 4)


Get to know the local muralists making KC beautiful! This episode is the first episode in an ongoing series about the artists creating the art that you see on the streets of KC. You’ll meet featured guest Jose Faus and special guests Alisha Gambino, Vania Soto, and Hector Casanova and learn about their processes, and the importance of community to muralists!


Bonus Footage

Art Prompt

Each ArtSpark episode features an interactive prompt that will spark your creativity! Up for the challenge? Viewers can share their creations using #ArtSparksArt on social media, or email us your creations at artspark@kcrep.org. We may even feature your submission in a future ArtSpark episode!

Episode four challenge comes from Jose. He asks you to play with scraps of paper to make new designs and images.

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